Hi, I am Ruy.
I'm a tech entrepreneur and product manager that lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Hey! That's me.
Yes, Brazil, Rio!
Post 6 of Copacabana.
Well, I don't sleep in the beach, but it's pretty near. If you are planning a trip to Rio, feel free to stay over my Airbnb.
That's my cat in the picture! His name is Zen :-)
Currently I'm working as a Product Manager at Outra Coisa (english translation would be "Another Thing"). As the name says we try not to label ourselves as a regular digital agency and what mainly differs us it's the focus on making digital products that can help several clients.
All of the clients above use the product that I manage, the Learning Quiz, which provides an educational mobile app that enables people to learn thru playing a trivia game with smart content suggestion.

In 2015, we partnered with Rede Globo and did the G1 Enem app (trivia game for Brazil's SAT), it was a big success, we reached 600k users and became the #1 Education app in Brazil's AppStore.
I'm also a part-time entrepreneur, in late 2012
I've founded Doare, an online fundraising platform for nonprofits with focus on recurring donations.
So far the company it's going pretty well, we raised more than
R$1.2 MM in online donations, have established an donor base of 40k people and have more than 1.500 nonprofits registered.

Doare also provides tailor-made services for some clients, we did some cools jobs, such as the BrazilFoundation website and a digital campaign for Lemann Foundation.
If you are wondering what I do at work:
Product Thinking
Working on the concept, ideation and discovery phases. Strategy planning using benchmarks, positioning maps and lots of canvas.
UX & IA Planning
Understanding users thru personas and empathy maps. Building structure maps, content models, process flows, wireframes and prototypes.
Project Management
Planning backlog and sprints, working together with the team, validating deploys and managing customer relationship.
Business Development
Business modeling, financial planning, pitch decks and fundraising, partnerships and sales prospecting.
Before being where I am right now, I've founded 2 other companies, worked for 5 companies, advised 2 startups and did some freelance jobs. For more details, go to my Linkedin profile.

One remarkable experience was at Thinkr, I helped in the ideation phase and product development, it's a social network app with augmented reality and emotional inputs.
When I'm not working, I enjoy reading and listening to books about human behavior, futurism, technology, economy, science and spirituality.

Spirituality it's a big thing in my life, I'm practicer of meditation, reiki, crystal healing and tantra. I'm also a UFO believer and I've had a couple of contact and sightseeing experiences. Sounds crazy, I know.
Also a real music lover, I was a tech house DJ and managed an events company for 3 years.
Good old times.

Now I listen mostly to MPB (good brazillian music), indie rock, downtempo, electronica and hinduism mantras.
And food, God I love food! Japanese, fishes and shrimp are my favorite.
I used to be vegan, now I just try to eat healthy on the daily basis and sometimes go a bit crazy on the weekends.
Also on the daily basis, I have a lot of habits that I like to do and keep a track for myself. For that, I use Pomodoro technique with the help of some tools such as Toggl, Way of Life and Todoist.

What else is present in my life are the people that I love and I'm grateful, such as my parents, family, coworkers and friends.
Besides everything that I'm right now and what I've accomplished in the past. I feel there's still so much to do and this just makes me want to keep moving forward so I can the best for myself and others.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me. Feel free to contact me so I can get to know more about you as well and perhaps we can
make something great together.

Ruy Fortini