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About WimBelemDon's Results
WimBelemDon is a social project founded in 2000 to promote inclusion of children and teenagers at risk and/or social vulnerability, fostering well-rounded develpment of all participants and stimulating their leadership.

Tennis attracts and retains youngsters at WimBelemDon, promoting individual and social transformation through psychological support, as well as social, pedagogical and cultural workshops, such as cinema, arts, learning labs and literacy. Besides these activities that complement youngster's school schedule, our learners also eat lunch and snacks dialy at our facilities.
+1,000 youngsters
have been supported by our programs
95% students
school presence
above 75% average in the region
worked to protect youngsters rights
of service to create and strengthen bonds and relationship among learners
Figures as of Feb, 14, 2018.
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Your support is vital to maintain our facilities, our team and healthy meals to our learners.
US$ 30
Purchase materials for art workshops
US$ 80
Guarantees healthy meals for 1 learner for a month (1 lunch + 1 snack/day)
US$ 150
Purchase materials for sports practices
US$ 400
Guarantees a development course for our team members
US$ 600
Transportation for learners in external activities
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Currently recurrent donations represent only 9% of our costs. Our goal is to have 35% of our costs covered by recurrent donations.
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Endorsements from our Network
"As years go by, the project gets more beautiful and joyful. This year, we had to do a lot to acquire our facilities. It's nice to see how everybody got involved. I explained the project to Rafael Nadal and asked him a racket to donate. Not only did he donate one, but three rackets and three t-shirt, all autographed. People are touched when we talk about this beautiful story. We'll keep on together, now as an Ambassador."
Bruno Soares
Tennis player, former number two in the world in the individual doubles ranking and, with britain Jamie Murray, reached the top of the doubles ranking. He has 26 ATP titles and is ambassador of WimBelemDon, alongside Thomaz Koch and Fernando Meligeni
"I've never expected to come across such a magnificent project that has been around for so long, right? I believe this is also what moves the kids. When we persevere in a dream, in search of a goal, has grit and commitment... it's possible to face any obstacle, no matter how hard it may be. Of course, a worthy opportunity is key. And this is what is presented here."
Gustavo Kuerten, o Guga
The best tennis player ever in Brazil and one of the best Tennis players ever worldwide
"The main thing I've learned here, that I've seen here, that we live here is love for one another... we see that in Lu's and Marcelo's work, in their commitment for the well-being of all and we end up working together on this... When a participant, trying to help colleagues and, when a new kid joins the project, we want to help him/her... and when we leave, we want to be a volunteer... to continue this chain."
Leonardo Baltazar, 23 years-old
Leonardo has been part of WimBelemDon for 7 years as a learner. He has passed entry exams to state university (UFRGS- Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul). Has served as a volunteer for 2 years in Computer Workshops. He has graduated in Actuarial Sciences in 2017, with honors.
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